SLBA organised fundraising link is now live.

We are happy to announce that we have, once again, partnered with Ray of Hope (RoH), a Singapore government approved charity partner, to raise funds and procure essential medical supplies for those in need in Sri Lanka.

– There will be no transfer of funds to Sri Lanka. All funds raised through your generous donations will be used to procure essential medical supplies for onward transport and delivery from Singapore to Sri Lanka.

– We will be working closely with RoH, the Sri Lankan High Commission in Singapore and other partners to facilitate the transport, clearance, and distribution of the equipment directly to the Ministry of Health (MoH) personnel in Sri Lanka.

– The SLBA has also made direct links with the MoH in Sri Lanka and closely coordinates the efforts to ensure transparency for the donors. We can provide further information if needed.

Donate via the link here:

Your support and love for the people of Sri Lanka is greatly appreciated!